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The Selection of Block Magnets

If non-magnet professionals, generally see the magnet for round or square, which is a common type of magnet, and special-shaped magnets are generally irregular shaped magnets, that is, special magnets, the most common magnet industry for convex magnets, square, round. Some friends mistakenly think that magnet products and hardware products, in fact, hardware products can be car, milling, grinding, planing and other ways of processing, and magnet products are limited to grinding processing, because of the hard and brittle physical characteristics of the magnet, car, milling, planing, and other processing methods will cause damage to the magnet itself, but magnet products and hardware products have a common point is, Magnet products can also punch, NdFeB strong magnet magnetic tile is generally used in brushless motor motor, in what we call the motor, mainly brushless motor and AC servo motor, and mainly to tile shape, because the current sintering NDFEB are unidirectional orientation, that is, the magnetic parts can only be magnetized in one direction, so it can not be made into a magnetic ring for more than 2 poles of magnetization.

Types of Magnet: magnet should be called magnetic steel, English, magnetic steel is mainly divided into two categories, one is soft magnetic, the other is hard magnetic; Soft magnetic comprises silicon steel sheet and soft magnetic iron core; Hard magnetic includes aluminum-nickel-cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite and NdFeb, among which, the most expensive is samarium cobalt magnetic steel, the cheapest is ferrite magnetic steel, the highest performance is NdFeb magnetic steel, but the performance is the most stable, the best temperature coefficient is aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnetic steel, users can choose different hard magnetic products according to different needs.

How To Define The Performance of A Block Magnet? 

There are mainly three performance parameters to determine the performance of the magnet: Remanent Br: After the permanent magnet for sale is magnetized to technical saturation, and the external magnetic field is removed, the retained Br is called the residual magnetic induction intensity. Coercive force Hc: To reduce the B of the permanent magnet magnetized to technical saturation to zero, the strength of the reverse magnetic field required is called magnetic coercive force, or coercive force for short. Magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnetic energy density established by the magnet in the air gap space (the space of the two magnetic poles of the magnet), namely, the magnetostatic energy per unit volume of the air gap. Since this energy is equal to the product of Bm and Hm of the magnet, it is called the magnetic energy product.

How To Choose High Quality Square Magnet?

The processing cost of square magnet and directly affect the quotation is mainly affected by three factors: batch number (ladder quote), specification shape (square roughly conventional cuboid, trapezoid, belt hole, sink hole), tolerance size (especially small square magnet, used in miniature precision instruments, tolerance control is particularly strict; If the process cannot be reached, it needs manual selection, and has a high scrap rate). In short, the smaller the batch, the higher the price; The more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; The tighter the tolerance, the higher the machining cost.

The Application of Block Magnet On The Car

With the improvement of our living standard now, block magnets like neodymium square magnets and ferrite block magnets are everywhere in our life, we certainly did not think that there are many things in our life are applied to magnets, we all know that our commonly used travel vehicles are used to magnets, And now the use of square magnet technology of various types of cars in the emergence of more and more ordinary people are widely used. With more and more people buying cars in this society, today we will talk about the application of square magnets, an important part of cars, to help us to buy cars more familiar. The application of a square magnet in the shape of the car, generally applied in this above main function of the square magnet is used to decorate the shape of the car, which is to use a special way to enhance the external image of the car, but generally when we go to the car, the shape is still more important, after all, a good model, can strongly stimulate our desire to buy. Block magnet in the application of car wheels, this is generally where the block magnet is commonly used, can help the car to fix the wheel, the wheel can be absorbed in a more secure way on the axle, this is the block magnet plays a very key role.

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