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Cone Magnets 20x10x8mm

Ø20/10x8mm is one of the most popular sizes in the neodymium cone magnet category.

The relatively large volume gives the conical magnets amazing magnetic force. The pulling force for rare earth neodymium cone magnet Ø20/10x8mm of N38 is as strong as 4.9 kg. For more strong force, higher grades of N45, N50, and N52 can be customized. Special shape make the powerful cone magnets to be optimal pin wall magnets, conical shape help you remove the magnet easily from any magnetic wall. To make it easy to separate the strong cone magnets Ø20/10x8mm, they are provided with a plastic spacer between each other.

Characteristics Of Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø20/10x8mm-Grade N38

Remanence(Br): Remanence of rare earth cone magnets Ø20/10x8mm  neodymium N38 range from 12200 to 12500 Gs.

Coercivity(Hcj): ≥955 KA/m.

Magnetic Energy Product(BHmax): BHmax of N38 neodymium cone magnets Ø20/10x8mm range from 36 to 39 MGOe.

Max.Working Temp.: ≤80℃.

Popular Coating: Nickel and epoxy are the popular coating for neodymium cone magnet Ø20/10x8mm.

Specification Of N38 Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø20/10x8mm

Category By Shape

Cone Magnet



Diameter-base surface

20 mm

Diameter-top surface

10 mm


8 mm


+/- 0,1 mm

Direction of magnetisation

axially(parallel to height)


Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)




approx. 4,9 kg (approx. 48,1 N)

Max. working temperature





11 g

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