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Strong Sphere Magnets

Strong Sphere Magnets

Spherical(sphere) is a unique shape of magnets. Sphere magnets wholesale is widely used in magic, hobbies, consumer goods and toys. The sphere magnets for sale in this category are made of neodymium-iron-boron alloy, which is known as the strongest rare earth sphere magnets in the world. Our neodymium sphere magnets bulk ranges from Ø2mm to Ø50mm. As one of the professional neodymium sphere magnets manufacturers in China, we carry out some sizes of spherical rare-earth neodymium magnets of neodymium as standard magnets, which are regularly delivered to magnet dealers.

Bulk Neodymium Ball Magnets For Sale

Neodymium Ball Magnets 5mm
  • sphere rare earth neodymium magnet 5mm for neocube magnetic toys
  • 5mm rare earth neodymium magnetic balls with different colors
Neodymium Ball Magnets 8mm
  • 8mm spherical rare earth neodymium magnets-N35,N38,N40,...N52
  • 8mm neodymium magnetic balls-plated with Nickel,Chromium,Epoxy,Gold
Neodymium Ball Magnets 10mm
  • 10mm powerful rare earth neodymium magnetic balls-nickel plating
  • 10mm nickel plated rare earth neodymium sphere magnets-pull 3.3-5.0 lb
Neodymium Ball Magnets 12.7mm
  • 12.7mm powerful spherical rare earth neodymium magnets nickel coating
  • Nickel plated sphere strong neodymium magnets 12.7mm pull 5.44-8.0 lb
Neodymium Ball Magnets 15mm
  • 15mm sphere rare earth neodymium magnets N35 with nickel plated
  • 15mm strong neodymium rare earth magnetic balls pulling 3.4-5.2kg

Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets Features

  •  The popular sizes of neodymium sphere magnets bulk range from from 5mm,6mm,8mm, magnetic balls 10 mm,12.7mm to 19mm.

  • The magnetic force range from 130g of the smallest neodymium ball magnets to 23kg of the largest neodymium sphere magnets.

  • Neodymium ball magnets for sale obtain elegant colour from nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni) or chromium-plated, gold-plated.

  • Wide custom sizes range. Small neodymium sphere magnets for sale with a diameter of 2 mm, the big neodymium ball magnets with a diameter of 50 mm.

What Are Magnetic Balls Used For

Magnetic Holding: Even small sphere(spherical) neodymium magnets have high adhesion. They can be used as magnets for bulletin boards, whiteboards and refrigerators to hold paper or pictures without perforation.

Model making: Neodymium sphere magnets wholesale can be used to make various models. For example, users can build cubes, pentagons, cones, etc. Combined with rod shaped neodymium magnets, atomic or molecular models can be built.

Jewelry making: Small sphere neodymium magnets with different color are used as beads for magnetic jewellery (e.g. as bracelets or necklaces) 

Decompression: Put your to-do list aside for a few minutes. Create some small artwork on your desk with a small sphere neodymium magnet. Playing with neodymium magnetic balls is really a great pressure buster.

Rare-Earth Neodymium Sphere (Ball) Magnets User Instructions

Neodymium magnets are easy to rust. When neodymium ball sphere magnets are exposed to humid environment for a long time, they will start to rust and even lose their magnetic force as time goes by.

The magnetic force of the spherical magnet is concentrated at two points in the magnetization direction. Avoid the collision between super strong spherical neodymium magnets, which may cause the plating layer to fall off.

Use plastic tubes of appropriate size to store and protect neodymium sphere(ball) magnets that are not used temporarily.

Safety Instructions For Children About Strong Magnetic Balls

For children under 3 years old, the bulk magnetic balls may be swallowed by mistake. Like all super magnets, the neodymium sphere magnets must be kept out of the reach of children. Any strong magnetic balls left in the intestine can cause life-threatening injuries.

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