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The Introduction of Pot Magnets

Pot magnetic component is a very common product, in a variety of production and life scenes can see its figure. Pot magnet has a steel shell on the outside and is shaped like a pot, hence the name pot magnet. The combination of the magnet and the steel shell can optimize the magnetic circuit to enhance the unilateral magnetic force while avoiding the collision of the magnet in use. Wholesale pot magnets are often used in magnetic hooks, door stops, traction lights and magnetic clamps.

Principle of Pot Magnetic

current transformer pot detection: when there is no pot, the coil and resonant capacitor oscillate for a long time, the energy attenuation is slow, the primary current flowing through T1 is less, the secondary voltage of T1 is low, and the CPU judges that there is no pot. When there is a pot, due to the addition of the pot with the appropriate material, the oscillation damping between the wire plate and the resonant capacitor increases, the energy attenuation is fast, the primary change of the current in T1 is large, the voltage induced in the secondary is large, the CPU judges that there is a pot.

Pulse pot checking circuit: when there is no pot, the free oscillation time of wire disk and resonant capacitor is long, and the energy attenuation is long. In the unit time, the number of pulses is less, in the pot, because of the damping of the pot, the energy attenuation is fast, the number of pulses in the unit time is much more than that without the pot. So the synchronous pulse is output at the first pin of the comparator. According to the number of pulses, the CPU determines whether there is a suitable material for the pot.

Structure of Pot Magnetic

Pot magnetic is composed of magnet, steel shell and gasket three parts. Magnets: NdFeb, samarium cobalt, ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt and other materials can be made pot magnetic. Steel shell: the general steel shell, the production process has two kinds of turning and stamping. The stamping process price is lower, the turning process dimension accuracy is higher, can produce more size requirements of the products, especially the large diameter of the pan magnetic products. (For the same size, the turning precision is higher). Gasket: Generally plastic material, also have epoxy resin and brass, etc. Normally, the magnetic field lines of a magnet are freely distributed in the air, but the pot magnets wholesale adds a steel shell to the outside of the magnet, and the magnetic circuit is guided to focus the field lines on the working surface. When the pan magnet is drawn to the iron plate and in contact with the working face, the field lines are much more concentrated than usual, so its pull is much greater than that of ordinary magnets.

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