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Permanent magnets are usually popular in the industry in several specific shapes and application magnets, and each application magnet has several standard sizes prevailing in the market. For rare-earth neodymium magnets, disc, rectangular, cylindrical, ring, segment, and pot magnets are supplied as standard magnets. As a leading permanent magnet manufacturer in China, BeiLun Meank provides quality permanent magnet wholesale for you.
The rare earth strong magnets with the highest magnetic energy are neodymium magnets, they are known to exist in many industries from industrial production to work and life.
Neodymium Magnets
The steel covered permanent magnets which have stronger magnetic force in the only one magnetic surface are used for holding, mounting, they called pot magnets or cup magnet.
Pot Magnets
These neodymium magnets have better rust resistance than electri-plated ones are waterproof magnets, they are coated with waterproof coating, such as plastic, rubber or PVC.
Waterproof Magnets
Different types of strong permanent magnets that used for hanging and organizing are hook magnets(or magnetic hooks), they are designed to suit a variety of scenarios.
Hook Magnets
Powerful neodymium pot magnets fitted with rings can be used to search for and recover metal objects left underwater. They're called fishing magnets, or search magnets.
Fishing Magnets
On one side of these magnets there are 3M adhesive film or foam, they are classified as self-adhesive magnets, highly sticky adhesive connects the magnet to the non-metallic surface.
Adhesive Magnets
Ferrite magnets (also known as ceramic magnets) are the earliest permanent magnets, the have black appearance, permanent ferrite magnets require no plating and are inexpensive.
Ferrite Magnets
Office magnets are magnetic supplies for school teaching and company Office, they are usually known by customers in various magnetic pins, magnetic clips, and white board magnets.
Office Magnets
Permanent Magnet Assemblies
Magnetic assemblies are all kinds of magnetic products continuously developed by the principle of magnetic circuit in the practical application of permanent magnet. The structure of magnetic assemblies is relatively complex, which makes it surprisingly convenient for people to work and live.
Although we have many standard magnetic products available, they can not satisfy the needs of all customers. Whereas, as a leading China permanent magnets factory, Beilun Meank can customize our magnets according to customers' requirements. Custom permanent magnets are acceptable for each category of magnets. Detailed drawings are needed for custom magnets.
Magnets are functional components. As a representative of rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets are applied in almost all industries because of their high remanent magnetism. Terminal applications based on neodymium magnets involve electronics, motors, energy, medical treatment, tools, etc.
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Beilun Meank is a leading permanent magnets supplier, which specializes in the processing and sales of neodymium rare earth magnets and pot magnets. We can supply circular neodymium magnets with diameters ranging from 0.5-230mm and rectangular neodymium magnets with diagonal lines of 250mm. Custom permanent magnets are also available. Beilun Meank is better at neodymium magnets with complex shapes and tight tolerances.  Beilun Meank permanent magnets for sale have stable performance and good consistency, and the electroplating process meets environmental protection standards.


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