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Rare Earth Pot Magnets Wholesale

Rare Earth Pot Magnets Wholesale

If you are looking for durable screw-on magnets or mountable magnets, wholesale pot magnets will be the best items for you. Pot magnets(also called cup magnets) are single-sided magnet assemblies, the steel cover not only makes the strong permanent pot magnets more durable but also makes the mounting easy. With disc and low design, the mono-pole magnet assemblies are given the name of shallow pot magnets.

Wholesale Pot Magnets For Sale

Wholesale Pot Magnet Mounting Types

  • Pot (cup) magnets not only can be supplied with countersunk, cylindrical and threaded hole, they can also be supplied with threaded pin and bushing, which decide the mounting options.

  • Cup magnets with countersunk hole and counterbore pot magnets are mounted by using countersunk head screws.

  • Pot magnet with threaded bushing is screwed onto a male threaded stud.

  • Pot magnets with threaded pin are screwed into threaded socket or fixed with screw caps.

  • Pot magnets with blind back can be glued into suitable holes.

Permanent Pot Magnet Magnetic Cores

All types of permanent magnets(such as ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets including neodymium sphere magnets bulk, SmCo magnets and AlNiCo) magnets can be used to make pot magnets for sale. Different magnetic cores give different magnetic strengths to the same-sized pot magnets, and the prices vary widely. Ferrite pot magnets and neodymium pot magnets are the most widely used holding magnets

Ferrite(ceramic) pot magnets are cheapest the pot magnets and have the weakest magnetic strength. Ferrite magnets are suited for outdoor use.

With the highest magnetic energy, neodymium pot magnets have the strongest magnetic strength, they are used when small dimensions and super strength are needed and are known as heavy-duty pot magnets.

Samarium Cobalt(SmCo) pot magnet is more corrosion-resistant than neodymium pot magnet and can be used at very high and very low temperatures, but it is too expensive, so smco pot magnets are rarely used.

Ferrite pot magnets and NdFeB pot magnets are the most popular widely used holding and mounting magnets.

Pot Magnets Wholesale Applications

  • Pot magnets for sale are versatile. They are widely used for various household and commercial applications.

  • You can used different types of pot magnets as holding magnets for trade fair or shop construction.

  • You can also used screw powerful pot magnets on your kitchen wall and used them as magnetic holder for kitchenware.

  • Pot magnets are used as mounting magnets for temporary mounting, such as headlamp mourning, cable and pipe mounting.

  • Large neodymium pot magnets and wholesale fishing magnets are used by more and more people for fishing. 

  • In all, there are limitless uses for strong neodymium pot magnets.

Why Meank As Your Wholesale Pot Magnet Manufacturer?

Meank is a leading wholesale pot magnets supplier in China, which have have the following advantages:

  • We have all types of neodymium pot magnets and ferrite pot magnets in stock for sale, and most of order can be sent immediately.

  • All of our pot (cup) magnets are made with high-quality (more corrosion resistant and strong than ordinary factories), and supplied at an affordable price.

  • We can also make custom pot magnets for you, all types of magnetic materials are available.

Contact us now for better offer and order strong permanent pot magnets from us for a better deal !

Accessories For Pot Magnets
  • Rubber caps

    Rubber caps, when you use strong neodymium pot magnets on sensitive surface, it's to leave scratches on the surface, this problem can be avoided by covering rubber caps on the magnetic surface.

    rubber caps for pot magnets

  • Steel hooks

    Steel hooks, if you have internal thread pot magnets in hand, you can used them to hang objects by screwing steel hooks into the threaded bushing.

    steel hooks for pot magnets

  • Steel bolts

    Steel bolts, pot magnets can be used to do many things, by screwing steel bolts into neodymium pot magnets, you can used the powerful pot magnets for magnetic fishing or lifting.

    steel bolts for pot magnets

  • Steel discs

    Steel discs, if you want to used a pot magnet on non-metal surface, you can firstly screw or glue a metal discs onto the surface.

    steel metal discs for pot magnets

China Pot Magnets Wholesale FAQs
What are pot magnets?

The disc shape steel covered single sided magnets are named pot magnets,also called as cup magnets,holding magnets,mounting magnets and gripping magnets.

Can you supply waterproof pot magnets?

Yes, our rubber coated base pot magnets are used as waterproof pot magnets which also include the teflon coating magnet.

What's the MOQ for your wholesale pot magnets?

We have no MOQ demands for standard neodymium pot magnets and ferrite pot magnets,you can freely order these pot magnets.

Can you supply custom pot magnets wholesale?

Yes. As a professsional wholesale pot magnet supplier, Beilun Meank not only supplies standard pot magnets of neodymium and ferrite, but also makes custom pot magnets at the lowest cost.

What's the lead time of your pot magnets wholesale?

The lead time for our standard neodymium pot magnets wholesale vary from 7 days to 30 days based on quantity and types. Please contact us to confirm it for each order.

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Get In Touch With BeiLun Meank

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