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Ferrite Block Magnets

Ferrite blocks are rectangle (or square) permanent magnets made of basic raw material of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 based by molding and sintering. Smaller ferrite block magnets can also be processed by cutting. The magnetic energy product of the rectangular ferrite block magnet is low, It ranges from 1.1MGOe to 40 MGOe, depending on the grade. Because the main raw material is oxide, so the ferrite block magnets are not easy to corrode.

Advantages&Application Of Ferrite Block Magnets

Compared with other rectangular permanent magnet, ferrite rectangular magnet block is hard and brittle, low magnetic energy, but its production process is simple, not easy to demagnetize, not easy to corrosion, and low price. Therefore, in the whole industrial permanent magnet, the output of ferrite rectangular block magnet is the highest, the larger size of the ferrite block magnets can be used in magnetic separation applications, the smaller size of the square ferrite magnets are often used in arts and crafts, toys, magnetic adsorption.

Specification of Ferrite Block Magnets

Curie Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature



480-580 Hv


4.8-4.9 g/cm³

Relative Recoil Permeability

1.05-1.20 u rec

Temperature Coefficient Of Br

-0.2% / ℃

Temperature Coefficient Of iHc

-0.3% / ℃

Tensile Strength

<100 N/mm²

Transverse Rupture Strength

300 N/mm²


> 104 Ω.cm

Specific Heat

0.15-0.2 cal/g.℃

Deflective Strength T

5-10 kgf/mm²

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