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Rubber Coated Magnets With Hooks

Rubber Coated Magnets With Hooks

Rubber coated pot magnets with hooks are made of neodymium discs N35 which give the strong holding force.The magnetic field lines are concentrated on the contact surface, and the strong vertical pulling force is produced.Steel hooks and plastic hooks are available for rubber coated pot magnets.Such magnetic assemblies are ideal organizing magnets where need strong force and soft surface,such as the application on fridge and cars.Our rubber coated magnets with hooks are provided with dimension of 22mm,31mm,43mm,66mm and 88mm,the magnetic holding force is as strong as 45kgs.

Popular Sizes Of Rubber Coated Hook Magnets

Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 22mm
  • Rubberized neodymium magnetic hooks 22mm-black
  • Ø22x6mm black rubber coated neodymium hook magnets
Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 31mm
  • Rubber coated neodymium magnetic hooks 31mm
  • Ø31x6mm rubber coated neodymium hook magnets
Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 43mm
  • rubberized neodymium magnetic hooks(hook magnets) 43mm
  • Ø43x6mm rubber coated neodymium magnets with hooks
Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 66mm
  • Ø66mm rubber coated neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks)
  • neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks) with rubber coating
Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 88mm
  • rubberized neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks) 88mm
  • Ø8mm rubber coated neodymium pot magnets with hook

Neodymium Hook Magnets With Rubber Coating

Permanent neodymium hook magnets with rubber coating are made to provide amazing holding strength through increasing friction.The rubber layer make the magnetic hooks ideal for hanging outdoor advertising board,and indoor hanging application on fridges.Hook magnets with rubber coating are rustproof and have longer life time than normal hook magnets. Our standard neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks) with rubber coating are supplied with sizes including 22mm,31mm,43mm,66mm and 88mm,the pulling force range from 3.5kgs to 45kgs.

Precautions For Rubber Coated Hook Magnets

Rubber coated hook magnets(magnetic hooks) are used for both outdoor and indoor hanging.Proper use can extend its service life. Based on the properties of rubber coating, we give the following precautions for the strong custom magnetic hooks with rubber coated.

  • Do not use rubber coated hook magnets on uneven surfaces to avoid rubber deformation due to uneven force.

  • Do not let acidic or alkaline liquid stick to the rubber coated magnetic hooks, otherwise it will corrode the rubber layer and affect the use.

  • Do not let the rubber coated hook magnets close to any sharp objects, so as not to scratch the rubber layer, and not shorten its service life.

  • All provided forces are vertical forces in ideal situations, in practice, forces may be subject to a variety of specific conditions.

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