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Ferrite Arc Magnets

Ferrite(ceramic) arc magnet is a kind of functional electronic component, called motor magnet, which is mainly used in DC micro motor. The magnetic properties of ferrite motor magnets tile show that they have high permeability at high frequency. In addition to the magnetic properties, dimensional tolerances and appearance of the permanent ferrite arc (segment) magnets meets the national standards and user needs. Another important criterion is mechanical strength. If the mechanical strength is not enough, the ferrite motor magnets will break during the installation and use, resulting in the scrapping of the motor. Generally, ferrite magnets used for small motors where there is no requirement for power density and torque density, such as water pump motor

Characteristics of Ferrite Arc Magnets

The arc(segment) shaped permanent magnets mainly made of SrO or Bao and Fe2O3 by sintering, which seems to be part of the ring magnets, are called ferrite arc/segment/tile magnets. Ferrite arc(segment) have the characteristics of low magnetic energy, not easy to corrode and not easy to demagnetize. In the whole permanent magnet industry, arc(segment) shaped ferrite magnets are the most important industrial magnets for various motors.

Production Process Of Ferrite Tile Magnets

The production process of sintered ferrite(ceramic) tile magnets are mainly divided into wet pressing anisotropic, dry pressing isotropic and dry pressing anisotropic. The difference between the isotropic and the anisotropic  lies in whether there is orientation magnetic field during the pressing. Here, the process of anisotropic wet pressing is mainly introduced.

Wet compression process is: raw material - presintering - coarse crushing (a ball mill) - ingredients - the second ball mill (wet) - magnetic molding -sintering - clean grinding - the magnetization.

Because the forming slurry contains water, the forming particles are easy to turn in the magnetic field, so it can obtain higher orientation than dry pressure, and its performance is higher

Specification Of Ferrite Arc Magnets

Curie Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature



480-580 Hv


4.8-4.9 g/cm³

Relative Recoil Permeability

1.05-1.20 u rec

Temperature Coefficient Of Br

-0.2% / ℃

Temperature Coefficient Of iHc

-0.3% / ℃

Tensile Strength

<100 N/mm²

Transverse Rupture Strength

300 N/mm²


> 104 Ω.cm

Specific Heat

0.15-0.2 cal/g.℃

Deflective Strength T

5-10 kgf/mm²

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