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Segment (Arc) Permanent Magnets For Motor

Segment (Arc) Permanent Magnets For Motor

The segment permanent magnets designed for motors, generators and alternators are arc segment magnets, which are usually used for rotors and stators. Several arc magnets for sale with different inner diameters and polarities can be assembled into a multistage magnetic ring. In the motor, the magnetic ring with alternating polarity on the inner radius rotates near the copper coil. As one of the leading rare-earth arc magnets manufacturers in China, Beilun Meank not only offers the choice of arc segment neodymium magnets with specific sizes but also produces custom neodymium arc segment magnets according to orders.

Neodymium Arc Magnets For Sale

Twisted Arc Magnets
  • 38UH Twisted Neodymium Arc Magnets For DC Motor
  • Rare Earth Neodymium Curved Motor Magnets N38UH
Segment Magnets With Screw Hole
  • N48H Neodymium Segment(Arc) Magnets With Screw Hole
  • Countersunk Rare Earth Neodymium Segment Magnets N48H
Epoxy Coated Arc Magnets
  • Epoxy coated neodymium arc(curved) magnets N35EH
  • N35EH neodymium arc(tile) magnets with epoxy coating
High Temperature Resistant Arc Magnets
  • Neodymium Arc(segment) magnets resistant high temperature
  • High-temperature resistant arc(curved) magnets-N35EH

Rare Earth NdFeB Arc Segment Magnets Basic Info

Rare earth magnets have the highest residual magnetism. Segment magnets made of rare earth magnets can improve the comprehensive performance of motors. Neodymium arc segment magnets are the most widely used strong rare earth motor magnets. Neodymium rare earth motor magnets with different performances are used in generators, voice coil motors, permanent magnet motors, generators, torque couplings, wind turbines and other applications.

Arc Segment Magnets For Powerful Motors

Permanent magnet motors with different designs and performances need different arc segment magnets. Sintered ferrite magnets are used in motors that have low requirements for high coercivity and remanence but are cost-sensitive. Sintered rare earth permanent magnets, such as neodymium iron boron or samarium cobalt magnetic tiles, are used in motors with high requirements for remanence. Neodymium segment magnets have high energy product (BHmax) and coercivity (Hcj), and samarium cobalt arc magnet has excellent maximum working temperature, low-temperature coefficient and excellent corrosion resistance. Because neodymium arc segment magnets N48, N50 and N52 are much stronger than other magnets, they are often used to manufacture more powerful motor and generator components.

Why Beilun Meank As Your Arc Magnet Supplier?

Neodymium arc magnets belong to customized neodymium magnets for motor, which can be assembled in an iron shell to provide a strong magnetic field for permanent magnet motors. As a leading arc neodymium magnets manufacturer, Beilun Meank can produce SH, UH, EH, and AH series of high-performance neodymium motor magnets. If your project needs neodymium arc magnets, curved magnets, segment magnets, or related motor magnets, please feel free to contact us.

Arc Segment Neodymium Magnets FAQs

01. What are arc segment magnets?

Arc magnet (also called as segment,curved magnet) looks like a part of ring magnets, it is a unique shape designed for motors.

02. What are arc magnets used for?

Arc-shaped magnets are usually called tile magnets. Because of their north-south polarity, they are most commonly used in motors, generators and torque couplings. They are also used in magnetic flywheel assembly generators and alternators, usually for rotors and stators.

03. Where to buy neodymium motor magnets?

Motor magnets have high requirements for the stability of magnetic properties. We have been committed to the production and processing of neodymium motor magnets and have become a leading motor arc magnet supplier.

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