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Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets Wholesale

Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets Wholesale

The hard ferrite(ceramic) magnets under this category are encased in shallow steel shells,which looks like pot.Such magnetic assemblies are ferrite(or ceramic) shallow pot magnets(also called cup magnets).Strong holding force and mountable are possible on ferrite pot magnets.We carry out all types of  ferrite shallow pot magnets for sale,the size of each type varies from 10mm to 125mm,they are made of anisotropic ferrite of Y30BH,the steel shells are plated with nickel or zinc.

Types Of Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets

Countersunk Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • Countersunk Ferrite (Ceramic) Screw-on Pot Magnets
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets With Countersunk Hole
Counterbore Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets With Cylindrical Counterbore Hole
  • Ring Shaped Ferrite (Ceramic) Magnets With Steel Covered
External Threaded Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets With External Threaded Pins
  • Male (External) Thread Ferrite (Ceramic) Mounting Pot Magnets
Internal Threaded Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets With Threaded Bushing
  • Female (Internal) Thread Ferrite Pot Holding Magnets
Ferrite Pot Magnets With Threaded Hole
  • Ferrite Pot Magnets With Through Threaded Screw Hole
  • Flat Internal Threaded Ferrite (Ceramic) Holding Pot Magnets
Flat Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • Flat Ferrite (Ceramic) Shallow Cup Magnets With Blind Top
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Disc Magnets With Steel Covered
Ferrite Channel Magnets
  • Rectangular Ferrite (Ceramic) Holding Magnets With Holes
  • Ferrite (Ceramic) Channel Pot Magnets With Mounting Holes

Advantages Of Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets

Compared with wholesale pot magnets of neodymium, our pot(cup) magnets of ferrite have the following advantages:

Ceramic pot magnets are much cheaper than neodymium pot magnets,much money is saved by using ceramic pot magnets.

Ferrite cup magnets can withstand higher temperatures, enhance its anti-demagnetization ability, the highest operating temperature of ferrite cup magnets is 250 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic cup magnets are better at resisting moisture and corrosion because it's made from metal oxides,so they are better for outdoor uses.

Application Of Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets

The iron shell not only enhances the magnetic force, but also provides a variety of installation methods, which expands the use scenarios of ferrite pot (cup) magnets.Generally speaking,ferrite(ceramic) magnets with steel covered are used mounting (holding) magnets. Various ferrite pot magnets including ferrite channel magnet can be used as door stops, to hold commodity tags, used for cable mounting, overhead light fixing, tools holding,

FAQs Of Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets

01. What are ferrite pot magnet?

The permanent ferrite magnets covered with steel are ferrite pot magnets,also called ferrite mounting (or holding) magnets.

02. Can ceramic pot magnets be used outdoors?

Yes, ceramic magnet has strong corrosion resistance,pot magnets of ceramic are better holding magnets for outdoor use.

03. Can you provide ferrite cup magnet samples?

Yes, we can provide samples for standard sized ferrite cup magnets.

04. Can you supply custom ferrite pot magnets?

Yes,we can supply custom ferrite pot magnets with different mounting.

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