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Neodymium (Cup) Magnets With Hooks

Neodymium (Cup) Magnets With Hooks

The neodymium bushing cup magnets screwed with steel hooks are ideal magnetic products for temporary hanging on steel surface.Rare earth magnets combined with perfect magnetic circuit design give the hook magnets amazing magnetic force.The largest and strongest neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks) can hold the weight up to 160kgs.The strong neodymium magnetic hooks is the best solution for hanging signs, banners, decorations and tools, as well as arranging wiring and cables.

Standard Sizes Of Neodymium Hook Magnets

Neodymium Hook Magnets 25x8mm
  • Small neodymium hook magnets(magnetic kooks) 25x8mm
  • Ø25mm neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks)-pull 48lb
Neodymium Hook Magnets 32x8mm
  • Ø32mm rare earth neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks)
  • Neodymium rare earth magnetic hook(hook magnets) 32x8mm-pull 75lb
Neodymium Hook Magnets 36x8mm
  • Ø36mm rare earth neodymium cup magnets with hook
  • Neodymium hook magnets(magnetic hooks) 36x8mm-pull 90 lb
Neodymium Hook Magnets 42x9mm
  • Ø42mm neodymium rare earth pot magnets with hook-nickel plated
  • 42x9mm neodymium magnetic hooks(hook magnets)-pull 150lb
Neodymium Hook Magnets 60x15mm
  • Ø60mm big neodymium hook magnets with nickel plating
  • strong neodymium magnetic hooks 60x15mm-pull 250 lb
Neodymium Hook Magnets 75x18mm
  • Ø75mm extra strong neodymium magnetic hooks with nickle plated
  • large&heavy duty neodymium hook magnets 75mm-pull 360lb

Neodymium Hook Magnets(Magnetic Hooks)

This version of neodymium hook magnets (magnetic hooks)have the widest range of sizes,standard size including 10x5mm,12x5mm,16x5mm,20x7mm,32x8mm,36x8mm,42x9mm,48x12mm,60x16mm and 75x18mm.The smallest neodymium hook magnets have 1.3kgs+ pulling force and the largest ones have 164kgs+ pulling force.The hook size changes with the magnetic strength.The default plating of the custom magnetic hooks of neodymium is nickel that has bright appearance.

Features Of Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

  • Small size and strong magnetic force, which can obtain the required magnetic force with a small size

  • The hook is easy to disassemble and replace,

  • Surface treatment: galvanizing, nickel plating, painting are the most popular rust-proof coating for the hook magnets.

  • When used as a ceiling hook, the magnetic force can be fully utilized

Precautions For Use Strong Neodymium Hook Magnets

Choose the appropriate size according to the actual situation to avoid unnecessary cost waste

Use and store powerful neodymium hook magnet in a dry environment, otherwise it is easy to rust and affect use

The super strong magnetic force of neodymium magnetic hook may hurt your hand, so you should be careful when use it, and children should not play it..

Using super strong neodymium hook magnets on sensitive surfaces, rubber caps can be placed on the magnetic surface

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