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The Pole of A Ring Magnets

In fact, the shape of the magnet has nothing to do with its north or South Pole. Because in terms of magnetic field distribution, you can still think of it as a magnetic stripe with north and south poles. And this one might ask why you can think of it that way. That's because the north and south of the magnet are determined by the direction of each particle in the magnet, from the process of magnetization, when iron is magnetized, you can see that each particle is aligned, and then you have what's called magnetism. The Earth is a different matter. Every material in the earth has its own magnetism, including rocks. Geomagnetism is a category of geological research. And the magnetic poles of the Earth, according to the sum of all the particles, if you can imagine, where the main direction of the superposition is, it's north and south. The geomagnetic field has vertical and horizontal components in each direction. It can be said that the field's magnetic field line is almost parallel to the horizontal plane at the equator, while the farther north and south the more inclined to the ground, that is, the vertical component becomes larger and larger.

How is The Magnetic Field of A Spherical Magnet Distributed? 

The Earth is modelled after a bar magnet. Spherical magnets still have poles. Imagine digging a ball out of a bar magnet and then that thing has two poles. If you have this experience when playing magnetic beads as a child, two beads will rotate to a certain Angle will repel each other, and then put in a crowded over a period of time will be degaussed. That's when the namesake poles actually matched up.

Where Are The Poles of A Spherical Magnet? 

First of all, spherical magnets do exist in the real world, and second of all, spherical magnets are not monopole (monopole has not yet been discovered). For a spherical magnet, we can still find the north and south poles, and the Earth, for example, when ring magnets like ferrite ring magnets and ring neodymium magnets are placed on a rigid plane of an absolutely horizontal non-magnetic material. Due to the action of the Earth's magnetic field, the spherical magnet will naturally point north and south like a compass, so as to determine the north and South poles. The poles of magnets are symmetrical, and spherical magnets are no exception.

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