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Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 66mm

It is big-sized rubber coated hook magnets, the rubberized magnetic base of which measured 66mm diameter and 8mm thickness. 22kg is the standard pulling force of the popular grade of N35, stronger force can be achieved by a higher grade. Rubber-coated hook magnets (custom magnetic hooks) of 66mm is the best seller. Steel hooks of M5, M6 and M8 are available for Ø66mm rubber-coated hook magnets. Eyelet hook can be supplied according to request.

Characteristics Of Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 66mm

Strong holding force, rare earth neodymium magnets guarantee the rubber coated hook magnets 66mm strong magnetic force.

Muti-polar magnetic base, several neodymium disc magnets arranged into a multi-polar magnetic base.

Different color, the rubber layer can be made into different colors.

Specification Of Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 66mm


Hook Magnet


With Rubber Coating


A3 steel+TPE rubber+NdFeB


66 mm


8 mm


M5 / M6 / M8


110 g

Pull Force

22 kg

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