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Cone Magnets 25x13x10mm

Ø25/13x10mm is a big size in the family of standard cone-shaped rare earth neodymium magnets. The north pole lies on the smaller surface, the magnetic lines are tied to the smaller surface, these make the magnets have a pulling force of about 8.6kg. All coatings and grades are available on rare earth neodymium cone magnets Ø25/13x10mm.

Ø25/13x10mm rare conical magnets are strong, but they are easy to be removed when you use the magnetic force of a smaller surface. Strong cone magnets are supplied with plastic spacers, and with better prices for bulk orders.

Characteristics Of Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø25/13x10mm-N38

Remanence(Br): Remanence of N38 neodymium cone magnets Ø25/13x10mm range from 12200 to 12500 Gs.

Coercivity(Hcj): ≥955 KA/m.

Magnetic Energy Product(BHmax): Energy product of cone-shaped magnets Ø25/13x10mm of N38 range from 36 to 39 MGOe.

Max.Working Temp.: ≤80℃.

Popular Coating: Nickel and Epoxy.

Specification Of N38 Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø25/13x10mm

Category By Shape

Cone Magnet

Material & Grade


Diameter-base surface

25 mm

Diameter-top surface

13 mm


10 mm


+/- 0,1 mm

Magnetized Direction

axial (parallel to height)


Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)




approx. 8,6 kg (approx. 84,3 N)

Max. working temperature





22 g

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