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Ferrite Disc Magnets

The flat circular hard magnets made out through molding and sintering with raw material of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 called sintered ferrite (ceramic) disc magnet, its surface is in black color. The round shape is one of the most common shapes of ferrite magnets, which has a narrow range of magnetic energy product. The magnetic energy product of different grades sintered ferrite disc magnets vary from 1.1MGOe to 40 MGOe. Permanent ferrite (ceramic) disc magnets are applied in household appliances, magnetic separation, crafts and so on.

Characteristics Of Ferrite Disc Magnets

Ferrite(ceramic) discs are not corroded easily, because the main raw material is oxide, so surface coating treatment is no longer needed.

Ferrite(ceramic) magnet discs are produced by powder metallurgy method, they have low remanence, recovery of magnetic permeability is small, compared with other permanent magnet discs, round ferrite disc magnets are hard and brittle, have high coercivity, not easy to demagnetization, and low price, is the cheapest round type permanent magnet.

Property&Grade Of Ferrite Disc Magnets

Ferrite disc magnets are divided into anisotropy (allotropy) and isotropy (isotropy). The magnetic properties of isotropic sintered ferrite disc magnet have weak strength, but they can be magnetized in different directions of magnets. The common properties of isotropic disc ferrite magnets are Y8T and Y10T. The anisotropic sintered ferrite disc magnets have strong magnetic properties, but they can only be magnetized along the predetermined magnetizing direction of the magnet. Common grades of the anisotropic disc ferrite magnets are Y25, Y30, Y35, Y30BH.

Specification of Ferrite Disc Magnets

Curie Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature



480-580 Hv


4.8-4.9 g/cm³

Relative Recoil Permeability

1.05-1.20 u rec

Temperature Coefficient Of Br

-0.2% / ℃

Temperature Coefficient Of iHc

-0.3% / ℃

Tensile Strength

<100 N/mm²

Transverse Rupture Strength

300 N/mm²


> 104 Ω.cm

Specific Heat

0.15-0.2 cal/g.℃

Deflective Strength T

5-10 kgf/mm²

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