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Neodymium Countersunk Magnets 30x7mm

These are super strong rare earth countersunk ring magnets, which have a dimension of 30mm outside diameter, 5.5mm inner diameter, and 7m thickness. M5 screws are accepted to the countersunk hole. Rare earth neodymium countersunk ring magnets Ø30/5.5x7mm of N45 produce 13.8kg pulling force.Stronger force can be gotten by using thicker or higher-grade magnets. For the convenience of users, thick plastic gaskets are placed between Ø30/5.5x7mm countersunk neodymium ring magnets.

Note: countersunk ring magnets of neodymium are easy to break if a strong force is applied to them, recommend tightening torque of 2Nm when screwing them.

Characteristics Of Neodymium Countersunk Magnets Ø30x7mm-N45

Remanence(Br):  Neodymium countersunk magnets Ø30x7mm of N45 have remanence range of 13200 to 13800 Gs.

Coercivity(Hcj): ≥955 KA/m.

Magnetic Energy Product(BHmax): N45 Countersunk neodymium magnets Ø30x7mm have BHmax range of 43 to 46 MGOe.

Max.Working Temp.: ≤80℃.

Common Coating: The common coating for Ø30x7mm countersunk ring neodymium magnets is nickel and epoxy.

As a professional neodymium countersunk magnet factory in China, Beilun Meank provides quality N45 Countersunk neodymium magnets Ø30x7mm series at great bulk prices. Feel free to contact us for further info.

Specification Of N45 Neodymium Countersunk Magnets Ø30x7mm


Countersunk Magnet


Sintered NdFeB



Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter

5.5 mm-M5


7 mm


+/- 0.05 mm

Direction Of Magnetization

Axially(through thickness)


Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)


approx. 13.8kg

Max. working temperature





35 g

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