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Neodymium Bar Magnets 60x10x3mm

60x10x3mm is a popular dimension in the category of rare earth neodymium block bar magnets. The highest grade of  N52 grade provides the bar magnets with about 16.27 lb force.

Nickel plating provides rectangular neodymium bar magnets 60x10x3mm shiny appearance. The strong rare earth neodymium bar magnets are used for scientific purposes, arts and crafts, or school classroom and DIY projects.

For a cheaper price, please choose lower-grade of neodymium bar magnets 60x10x3mm, such as N40, N38, and N35.

Characteristics Of Neodymium Bar Magnets 60x10x3mm

Remanence (Br): 14300-14800 Gauss for neodymium bar magnet N52.

Coercivity (Hcj): ≥876 KA/m.

Magnetic Energy Product (BH-max): 50-53 MGOe for block bar magnets neodymium N52.

Working Temperature: ≤60℃.

Corrosion Resistance: Block bar magnets of neodymium must be plated for corrosion resistant.

Specification Of Neodymium Bar Magnets 60x10x3mm N52


Bar Magnet


Sintered NdFeB



Length (L)

60 mm

Width (W)

10 mm

Thickness (T)

3 mm

Magnetization direction

Through Thickness




approx.16.27 LB

Weight (1 piece)




Max.Working Temp.


Central Surface Field

2580 Gauss

Safety Warning:

  • High grade bar magnets are fragile,avoid collision with each other.

  • The neodymium strong bar magnets are dangerous for children.

  • Keep strong bar magnets away from all electronics and bank cards.

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