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Cone Magnets 15x8x6mm

For most of the magnet distributors, Ø15/8x6mm rare earth neodymium cone magnets are sold as a standard conical magnet. Various grades from N35 to N52 are made for the cone neodymium magnets to produce the wanted magnetic force. The neodymium cone magnets Ø15/8x6mm of N42 have about 3.1 kg pulling force. The conical shape makes the magnets very convenient to handle when used as pin wall magnets. With a nicer appearance and stronger force, our neodymium cone magnets Ø15/8x6mm are delivered all over the world. Cheaper prices are quoted on bulk orders.

Characteristics Of Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø15/8x6mm-N42

Remanence(Br):  N42 neodymium cone magnets Ø15/8x6mm have remanence range from 12800 to 13200 Gs.

Coercivity(Hcj): ≥955 KA/m.

Magnetic Energy Product(BHmax): The energy product of Ø15/8x6mm neodymium cone magnets of N42 range from 40 to 43 MGOe.

Max.Working Temp.: ≤80℃.

Common Coating: Epoxy and nickel are common coatings for cone-shaped magnets.

Specification Of N42 Neodymium Cone Magnets Ø15/8x6mm

Category By Shape

Cone Magnets



Diameter-Base Surface

15 mm

Diameter-Top Surface

8 mm


6 mm


+/- 0.1 mm

Magnetized Direction

axial (parallel to height)


Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)


approx. 3,1 kg (approx. 30,4 N)

Max. working temperature





4,9 g

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