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Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 31mm

Ø31mm is a small size in the category of rubber coated hook magnet, it is assembled with the strongest magnetic material of neodymium. 7.5 kg pull force is guaranteed with the common grade of N35. Our rubber coated custom magnetic hooks (hook magnets) 31x6mm are regularly shipped at cheap price. The cheapest price will be offered for large quantity.

Characteristics Of Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 31mm

Easy to carry, small size makes the rubber coated neodymium hook magnets of 31mm easy to carry.

Good skid resistance, soft rubber layer increases the friction between the magnetic base and the contact surface.

The rubber layer is easy to be damaged by sharp things.

Specification Of Rubber Coated Hook Magnets 31mm


Hook Magnet


With Rubber Coating


A3 steel+TPE rubber+NdFeB


31 mm


6 mm


M4 / M6


25 g

Pull Force

7.5 kg

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