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Neodymium Disc Magnets 10x3mm

The shape size of neodymium magnets 10mm x 3mm series looks like a tablet, but the magnetic force can surprise you. Our 10mm x 3mm magnets are platted with nickel (NiCuNi), which has a bright appearance. Other coatings including epoxy, zinc, silver and gold can be customized. The small size and powerful strength make the neodymium magnet 10mm x 3mm series widely used for craft and DIY projects. And they are also used as office and fridge magnets. Our 10x3mm neodymium magnets are provided with grade from N35 to N52.

Characteristic of Neodymium Disc Magnets 10x3mm

Working Temperature: The maximum operating temperature of conventional neodymium magnets 10mm x 3mm is 80 degrees Celsius, higher working temperature is available on H, SH, UH, EH and AH series

Remanence: The Remanence(Br) of rare earth neodymium magnets 10mm x 3mm is up to 14000+ mt, which is much higher than any other permanent magnets.

Magnetic Energy: Neodymium magnets 10x3mm have the highest magnetic energy, which ranges from 35MGOe to 53MGOe.

Corrosion Resistance: Electroplated coating is necessary for 10x3mm neodymium magnets, otherwise these neodymium disc magnets wholesale will oxidize soon.

Neodymium Magnets 10mm X 3mm Specification


Disc Magnet


Sintered Neodymium, N42


D10 x 3mm


Axially(poles on flat surface)




approx. 1.8kg

Weight(1 piece)




Max.Working Temp.


Central Surface Field


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