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Different Characteristics of Neodymium Ring Magnets in Various Sizes

Ring magnets can be used with ferrites and rare earths, and rare earth ring magnets are multi-functional and high performance. neodymium ring magnets (magnetic rings) have been used since the 1980s. If you are looking for a very strong ring magnet, it is the most popular magnetic material. The north and south poles of a neodymium ring can be magnetized on the opposite circular surface or radially magnetized, with the north pole on one curved side and the south on the other. Most rare earth ring magnets are axially magnetized. Neodymium ring magnets are highly corrosive and require plating before use.

One disadvantage of neodymium rings is that they are very brittle and prone to cracking. We do not recommend using screws to install ring neodymium magnets. Buried ring neodymium magnets are safer and easier to use.

Strong neodymium ring magnets

The ring magnet made of neodymium, iron, and boron alloy is considered the strongest ring magnet on the market. Our powerful ring magnets can have a minimum inner hole of 1 mm. Regardless of size, neodymium ring magnets (magnetic rings) N52 are the strongest ring magnets, much stronger than smco ring magnets. Most neodymium ring magnets are axially magnetized. The magnetism of large neodymium ring magnets can reach up to 1000+ kg. You can wrap neodymium ring magnets with a steel shell to strengthen them.

Dimensions of neodymium ring magnets

Neodymium ring magnet D6xd2x2mm

The small ring magnet of 6xØ2x2mm is made of rare earth neodymium, which makes the magnet highly magnetic. The N45 neodymium ring magnet of 6x2x2mm supplies about 0.76 kg of tensile force. The magnet is nickel-copper-nickel-gold plated. Other colors can be customized. Small neodymium ring magnets are used for microelectronics and handicrafts.

Neodymium ring magnet D10xd4x5mm

The small round magnet of 10x5mm is made of the strongest rare earth magnetic material, with a through-hole of 4mm. All grades from N35 to N52 are suitable for strong neodymium ring magnets of 10xØ4x5mm, and the N42 grade produces about 2.5kg of tensile force. Unless otherwise specified, neodymium ring magnets of 10x4x5mm are nickel-plated. We can provide retail packaging for small ring magnets.

Neodymium ring magnet D15xd6x6mm

The ring magnet of 15x6x6mm is made of rare earth neodymium, which makes the magnet strong enough. Nickel and epoxy resin are the most common coatings for rare earth neodymium ring magnets (15x6x6mm). Axial positioning allows the magnetic pole to be on the plane. However, other coatings and magnetization directions can be customized. The neodymium ring magnet is small in size, but has super strength, with a tensile force of up to 5.1 kg, making it ideal for countless uses of convenient size neodymium ring magnets.

Neodymium ring magnet D20xd4.2x5mm

The circular neodymium magnet with a diameter of 20x5mm and a through-hole of 4.2mm is called a neodymium ring magnet. All grades from N35 to N52 are available for neodymium ring magnets of 20x×4.2x5mm, and the N45 grade has a tensile force of about 7.2kg. Nickel is the most common coating for ring magnets. We supply 20×4.2×5mm rare earth neodymium ring magnets with plastic washers.

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