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What Are the Dimensions of Standard Neodymium Channel Magnets?

Neodymium channel magnets 15x13.5x5mm

15x13.5x5mm is the smallest size in the neodymium channel magnets family. There is an M3 counterbore hole at the center of the channel magnet, which allows for installation.

The N35 neodymium channel magnet 15x13.5x5mm can generate 7kgs of magnetic force. The smallest size of neodymium channel magnet is the ideal choice for light-duty fixation.

Neodymium channel magnets 20x13.5x5mm

20x13.5x5mm is a small size among channel magnets but has an amazing magnetic force. The counterbore hole accepts M3 screw. N35 is the standard grade of the 20x13.5x5mm slot neodymium magnet which can provide 8 kgs of holding force. The strong holding force makes the small channel magnet an ideal holding magnet.

Neodymium channel magnets 30x13.5x5mm

30x13.5x5mm is the most popular size in the standard neodymium channel magnet family, with only one M3 counterbore mounting hole. The rated holding force of the rare earth neodymium channel magnet 30x13.5x5mm is about 16 kg. The strong channel pot magnet 30x13.5x5mm is used for installation and fixing. Choose larger channel magnets for stronger magnetic force.

Neodymium channel magnets 40x13.5x5mm

40x13.5x5mm is a popular medium-sized neodymium channel magnet designed with two M3 counterbore holes. The standard neodymium channel magnet 40x13.5x5mm is nickel-plated, and N35 grade can provide a holding force of 17kg.

Neodymium channel magnets 50x13.5x5mm

50x13.5x5mm is a medium-sized rare earth neodymium channel pot magnet. There is a counterbore hole at each end, except for M3 screw. The nickel plating gives it a silver appearance. The rare earth neodymium endows it with super strong magnetic force, with around 27 kg of holding force even at the lowest grade N35.

Neodymium channel magnets 60x13.5x5mm

In the category of neodymium channel pot magnets, 60x13.5x5mm is a standard medium size, with M3 screw holes at each end. If not specified, nickel is the commonly used coating for the standard neodymium channel magnet 60x13.5x5mm. The stunning holding force of 30kg makes the counterbore channel magnet 60x13.5x5mm ideal for various fields.

Neodymium channel magnets 80x13.5x5mm

80x13.5x5mm is a large size for neodymium channel magnets. The M3 screw mounting holes at both ends allow the magnet to be firmly fixed on any surface. Nickel is the most popular coating for the counterbore neodymium channel magnet 80x13.5x5mm. The rated holding force of the standard neodymium channel magnet 80x13.5x5mm is about 33kg, which is powerful enough for most applications. Customized packaging can be provided for the magnet.

Neodymium channel magnets 100x13.5x5mm

The second longest size of rare earth neodymium channel magnets is 100x13.5x5mm, designed with two M3 counterbore holes at both ends for stable fixation. Large size ensures amazing holding force for the counterbore channel magnet, even at the lowest grade magnet with about 36kg of holding force. If not specified, our neodymium channel magnet 100x13.5x5mm will be nickel-plated.

Neodymium channel magnets 120x13.5x5mm

120x13.5x5mm is the longest neodymium channel magnet and has M3 counterbore mounting holes at both ends to ensure secure fixation. The holding force of about 40kg makes the counterbore channel magnet strong enough for heavy-duty applications. Nickel plating gives the channel magnet a stainless steel color. The strongest rare earth neodymium channel magnet 120x13.5x5mm is the best project for magnetic assemblies.

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