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Types and Applications of Countersunk Neodymium Magnets

Types of countersunk neodymium magnets

Countersunk neodymium magnet 10x5mm

The 10x5mm size is one of the most popular sizes in the category of neodymium recessed circular magnets. The recessed hole accepts an M3 screw. The small size and super strength make the 10x5mm recessed neodymium magnet ideal for handmade projects and drawer closures. All grades from N35 to N52 are customized for the 10x5mm countersunk neodymium magnets according to the magnetic power required. The N42 grade provides approximately 2kg of pull force.

Countersunk neodymium magnet 15x3mm

The 15x3mm size is the most popular size in our category of neodymium recessed circular magnets. Recessed circular magnets of 15x3mm size are usually used to accept M3 or M4 screws. The lightweight size makes the 15x3mm powerful recessed circular magnet the best choice for a variety of applications. All grades from N35 to N52 are customized for the neodymium countersunk magnets 15x3mm, fulfilling both the price and pull strength requirements. The N45 grade provides about 3.4kg of strength. Special packaging can be provided as per your requirements, and cheap prices are available for large orders.

Countersunk neodymium magnet 20x10x3mm

The 20x10x3mm is a common size of neodymium blocks with a recessed mounting hole that accepts an M3 screw. The screw recesses the neodymium magnet into other surfaces for holding it. The N35 grade neodymium block with a recessed head of 20x10x3mm requires 4.3kg of pull force, and the N52 grade can provide even greater pull force. Block countersunk neodymium magnets 20x10x3mm usually offers both N and S poles, and nickel is the common coating for most applications.

Countersunk neodymium magnet 30x7mm

These are ultra-strong rare earth recessed circular magnets, with an outer diameter of 30mm, an inner diameter of 5.5mm, and a thickness of 7mm. The recessed hole accepts an M5 screw. The N45 grade rare earth recessed circular magnet of 30/5.5x7mm creates 13.8kg of pull force. Using thicker or higher-grade magnets can yield even stronger force. Thick plastic washers are placed between the 30/5.5x7mm countersunk neodymium magnets for user convenience.


Neodymium recessed circular magnets are prone to breaking under strong forces. It is recommended to use a torque of 2Nm when tightening them.

Applications of countersunk neodymium magnets

Countersunk neodymium magnets are used as spiral magnets and have the following uses:

  • Cabinet making: You can use spiral magnets as invisible closing devices and soft drawer closure devices.

  • DIY: Neodymium screw on magnets are used for making door latches, maintaining the open and closed state of doors, fixing bathroom panels, and creating removable inspection panels.

  • Shop decoration: Neodymium recessed screw magnets are widely used in shelves and lighting systems, screens, window displays, and signs.

  • Joining: Two strong countersunk neodymium magnets are used for quickly connecting and separating something.

  • Holding: Powerful countersunk neodymium magnets can be screwed onto kitchen walls for holding kitchenware.

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