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Applications Of Permanent Magnets Can Be Seen Everywhere

A neodymium (NdFeB) strong magnet is a rare earth magnet, you can see its application cases in many daily items, here we list a few ndfeb application cases in life.

Magnetic Bait Plate: The fishing bait plate is divided into single magnetic and full magnetic, full magnetic is the whole disk with magnetic force, the user will be more convenient, is the most common bait plate on the market. some bait plates will be labeled "Ndfeb strong magnets" and N35, N40, N52, and other words. NdFeB has the strongest magnetic force in all magnets, and N35, N40, and other numbers are ndfeb strong magnet brand, representing the strength of magnetic force, the larger the number represents the stronger magnetic force.

Magnetic scrubber: Permanent magnets are widely used in aquarium cleaners because you no longer need to empty the tank or touch the water. This also applies to large narrow shaped glass doors or panes

Magnetic pressure relief pen: Magnetic stress reliever pens are popular stationery and stress reliever toys. It is composed of a Ndfeb magnet, using the principle of magnet phase attraction can change different combination shapes.

Magnetic beer opener: There is a NdFeB magnet above the bottle opener, one second to open the cover,  the cover can be adsorbed after opening, convenient for recycling.

Magnetic door curtain: In order to effectively reduce mosquitoes flying into the room in summer, the emergence of the magnetic door curtain effectively solved this problem, and the installation is a simple, beautiful appearance. The main magnetic curtain used magnets are about three: rubber magnets, Ndfeb magnet, and ferrite magnet, different magnets are used according to the design, if the top of the curtain will automatically adsorb or the middle of the curtain after manual close adsorption, neodymium(NdFeB) strong magnet are generally used.

Magnetic data line: Magnetic data line is relatively easy to use, one magnet is fixed on one end, and the other end is also fixed with magnetic material, as long as the two ends close, it can achieve the suction charge. General use of neodymium permanent magnet magnetic force never attenuation.

Applications Of Permanent Magnets Can Be Seen Everywhere

Magnetic hangers: Instead of the traditional hanger hook design, its top is integrated with a powerful magnet, not only achieving the function of the hanger but also let his appearance is extremely simple. Plus, since the magnets inside any two hangers repel each other, they'll always keep their distance, saving you the trouble of organizing.

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