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Rare Earth Prices Rise In 2022, Some NdFeB Magnets Application Will Be Replaced

Ndfeb magnet is widely used in new energy vehicles, variable frequency air conditioning, wind power generation, industrial automation, intelligent consumer electronics and other fields due to its strong magnetism.

Rare Earth Prices Rise In 2022, Some NdFeB Magnets Application Will Be Replaced

In 2022, rare earth price rises, small and medium-sized NdFeB magnet manufacturers have great cost pressure, NdFEB magnet may be replaced. In fact, as early as 2011, due to the impact of rare earth exports, rare earth prices on the market rose several times or more

It is understood that there are some motor manufacturers to modify the product design, the number of ndfeb magnets in the application of motor equipment is reducing, for the low-end industry products, they are more willing to choose the lower price of ferrite magnets

In fact, samarium cobalt magnet technology is also widely used, ndfeb magnet has a variety of models, some models can be replaced, but for those new energy rare earth permanent magnet and other high-end products can not be replaced, can only choose to accept the neodymium magnet price rise.

If the ndfeb magnet terminal enterprise changes the product technology application, choose the magnet material with lower cost, it will cause a great blow to the NdFeB magnet manufacturers. In fact, we need to be prepared for this kind of psychological, often pay attention to the price trend of rare earth industry, as to what kind of price will be achieved, but also depends on the market demand. At this time, there is no need to panic. If necessary, we can adjust the company's product planning and consider a variety of business modes. We might as well produce and sell low-end ferrite magnets and samarium cobalt magnets at the same time to avoid being eliminated by the market.

The above is about 2022 rare earth price rise in 2022, the relevant analysis of neodymium(NdFeB) magnet may be replaced

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