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Characteristics and Dimensions of Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Characteristics of Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

  • Chemical Composition: Nd2Fe14B. Neodymium cylinder magnets are hard, brittle, and corrosive.

  • Medium Temperature Stability: The loss of a Neodymium cylinder magnet is -0.09 to -0.13% br/C. For low Hcj Neodymium magnets, their working stability is lower than 80℃. For high Hcj Neodymium magnets, their working stability is higher than 200℃.

  • Superior Strength: The maximum value of (BH) can reach up to 52MGOe.

Different Sizes of Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 3x6mm

This is a tiny cylinder magnet with a diameter of 3mm and a height of 6mm. Because it is made of the strongest magnetic material in the world, you will be surprised by the strength of the 3x6mm Neodymium cylinder (rod) magnet. The magnetic range of neodymium magnets 3x6mm series is from 0.63-0.94 pounds. The common coatings for the 3x6mm small Neodymium rod magnet are nickel, gold, epoxy resin, and silver.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 4x7mm

4x7mm is a popular size of small Neodymium rod (cylinder) magnets. Rare earth elements make the magnet more powerful than other magnetic materials of the same size, and the magnetic forces of different grades range from 1.2 to 1.78 pounds. Nickel-copper-nickel coating is common on 4x7mm Neodymium rod magnets. Other surface coatings can be customized. We have long supplied 4x7mm rare earth Neodymium cylinders to many magnet dealers. Small Neodymium rod magnets are used for various electronic products and crafts.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 4x25mm

Neodymium rare earth elements make the 4x 25mm cylinder (rod) magnet more powerful. Depending on the grade, the magnetic force on a steel plate ranges from 1.32 to 1.96 pounds. Because of its slender shape, the 4x 25mm Neodymium cylindrical magnet is fragile and must be used with care. Nickel, epoxy resin, and gold are common coatings for 4x 25mm Neodymium rod (cylinder) magnets. The 4x 25mm Neodymium rod magnet is perfect for DIY projects, whiteboard fixation, and fixing tissue boxes on roofs, etc.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 5x25mm

5x25mm is a standard size for Neodymium cylinder (rod) magnets, with grades ranging from N35 to N52 and magnetic forces ranging from 2.09 to 3.11 LB. The magnetic strength of the N45 Neodymium rod (cylinder) magnet 5x25mm is 2.69 Lb, and its surface magnetic field is 6800Gs, which is strong enough for its size. The normal tolerance for 5x25mm cylindrical Neodymium magnets is +/-0.05mm. 5x 25mm nickel-coated rare earth cylinders (rods) magnets can be found in DIY magnetic toys. 5x25mm strong cylindrical magnets are ideal for refrigerator magnets and are easy to handle.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 6x10mm

The 6x 10mm size is popular in Neodymium cylindrical (rod-shaped) magnets, and depending on the material grade from N35 to N52, they generate a magnetic force ranging from 2.7 to 4 pounds. The standard tolerance for rare earth Neodymium cylindrical magnets 6x10mm is +/-0.05mm. Rare earth Neodymium rod magnets 6x10mm are powerful, yet easy to operate, and are used in both electronic products and DIY projects. Nickel and epoxy resin are common coatings on 6x10mm cylindrical Neodymium magnets.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 12x60mm

12x60mm is a large size for axial Neodymium cylinder (rod) magnets. The center surface magnetic field of the cylinder magnet is higher than that of other shapes of magnets. Even a N38 Neodymium cylinder magnet 12x60mm can generate a magnetic field of up to 6200Gs and has a pulling force of about 14 LB on steel plates. Due to their excellent performance and appearance, our cylindrical Neodymium rod magnets 12x60mm are purchased by many magnet dealers for long-term use.

Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet 15x100mm

Within the category of axial magnetized Neodymium cylinder (rod) magnets, 15x100mm is definitely a long size. The magnetic strength of the N35 cylindrical Neodymium magnet 15x100mm is about 8.2 kg. You can customize higher grades to obtain stronger pulling forces. Nickel-copper-nickel coating is commonly used on 15x100mm long Neodymium rod (cylinder) magnets. This ultra-powerful long bar magnet can be used in scientific research.

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