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The Use Of Fishing Magnets

Magnetic steel is now mainly divided into two categories, one is soft magnetic, the other is hard magnetic. Soft magnetic includes silicon steel sheet and soft magnetic core; Hard magnetic includes aluminum-nickel-cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite and NdFeB. Among them, the most expensive is samarium cobalt magnetic steel, the cheapest is ferrite magnetic steel, the highest performance is NdFeb magnetic steel, but the most stable performance, the best temperature coefficient is aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnetic steel, users can choose different complex magnetic products according to different needs. When we say magnet, we generally mean permanent magnet. 

The permanent magnet for sale can be divided into two categories. The first category: metal alloy magnets including wholesale neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt magnets. The second category; is wholesale ferrite magnet material.

The wholesale fishing magnets are normally made of rare earth Ndfeb strong magnetic, outsourcing stainless steel, strong magnetic force, please be careful when using, them to avoid clamping, crushing and other conditions.

Introduction of Fishing Magnet

The product is assembled from high-performance magnet, with a hard stainless steel shell, which can be waterproof and anti-collision, and can be suspended, tiled, easy to use, no maintenance. Can be widely used in ships, rivers, sewers, mud salvage iron objects such as: iron, coins, waste iron materials, etc. Can also be used in hardware, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, building materials, tobacco, cotton spinning, food, deep water fishing, iron, and other industries. Beilun Meank fishing magnets can be processed according to customer use or requirements of a variety of specifications and styles of products.

Fishing Magnets Are Used To Make Magnet Fishing Devices

Shell guide shoe and iron core are two concentric magnetic poles, pole to pole for no ferromagnetic magnetic separation, the magnetic force concentrated near the center of the bottom of extractor, left a small piece of ferromagnetic material adsorption in the center of the magnetic poles magnetization, even large fall jumper core iron and guide shoe, also won't cut the magnetic path, but also adsorption in contact with other magnets falling objects, realize the salvage operation. It is mainly used to salvage small iron falling objects such as bit roller, slip teeth, clamp teeth, steel balls, hand tools, tubing or casing fragments.

According to the needs of the fishing operation, the bottom of the magnet fishing device can also be connected with milling shoes or guide shoes.

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