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Characteristics and Types of Waterproof Magnets

The main component of neodymium magnets, iron, is easily oxidized, so neodymium magnets are not waterproof and corrosion resistant. If you want to use neodymium magnets outdoors or in other places with high humidity, it is best to choose neodymium magnets with special waterproof coatings. Here we introduce neodymium magnets with different waterproof coatings, which are called waterproof neodymium magnets.

Characteristics of waterproof neodymium magnets

The waterproof layer of waterproof magnets is not just a regular plating layer, but a durable protective layer added to the plating magnet, such as plastic, rubber, etc. The colors of waterproof magnets are more diversified. You can buy neodymium waterproof magnets with plastic and rubber coatings in different sizes and colors. Waterproof neodymium magnets also have the advantages of being washable and scratch-resistant.

Types of waterproof magnets

Plastic-coated magnets

All rare earth neodymium magnets in this category are completely coated with waterproof plastic, which makes it possible to use them outdoors. The plastic coating gives the magnet a rich color and functionality. Plastic-coated waterproof neodymium magnets have several advantages due to the hard coating, and here are the most important:

Thanks to the polypropylene coating that fully covers the neodymium magnet, it can be used in water and humid environments without any problems.

It can protect sensitive surfaces by using magnets with a plastic coating. For example, custom plastic-coated magnets can be used for magnetic class boards and whiteboards without scratching them.

Plastic waterproof coatings can be applied to common shapes such as rectangular magnets, circular magnets, and magnetic rings.

Rubber-coated magnets

All neodymium magnets in this category are equipped with rubber waterproof coatings. The rubber layer separates water and other liquids from inside the magnet, which helps the magnet resist corrosion. Therefore, encapsulated neodymium magnets are also called waterproof neodymium magnets, anti-rust neodymium magnets, and corrosion-resistant neodymium magnets. Rubber-coated waterproof magnets can also reduce collisions and increase friction. They are mostly used for sensitive surfaces.

Polytetrafluoroethylene-coated magnets

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating is known for its excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, and heat resistance, and has developed into a world-class industrial coating. PTFE materials are also used for surface treatment of magnetic materials, using PTFE coated magnets to reduce friction and improve corrosion resistance. The result is that Teflon-coated magnets have more applications.

Waterproof sewing magnets

The thin neodymium magnet around the thin steel cup can be used as a magnetic button, also known as a sewing magnet. Usually, a layer of PVC waterproof film is also sealed outside. The PVC waterproof film can protect the magnet from corrosion. The plastic layer also provides something for sewing to keep the magnet in place. If you use it in a leather bag that won't get wet, use sew-in magnets, not PVC. Our PVC sewing magnets are washable and are widely used in textiles as waterproof magnetic buttons.

Epoxy-coated magnets

This is not paint, but a strong, durable, and long-lasting protective coating. These coatings are non-slip, functional, and beautiful. They are called epoxy coatings and can be made in different colours. Epoxy coatings are excellent anticorrosive coatings and have strong corrosion resistance to most chemicals. Epoxy resin coatings are also applied to the surface of neodymium rare earth magnets to enhance their corrosion resistance. Epoxy-coated magnets are better than nickel-plated magnets in marine environments.

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